Dermatologist: After the introduction masono-glove mode patients come with diseases we haven't seen

the Inhabitants of St. Petersburg were more likely to seek help from doctors and dermatologists. According to “Dr. Peter”, reported Professor of the Military medical Academy. Kirov Alexei Sukharev. According to him, due to masono-glove mode frequent skin problems.

“People have turned out to be quite law-abiding — many wear masks and gloves. Has not passed also month from the moment they put them on, and we already have patients with problems caused by this regime: for their appearance only two or three weeks, said Sukharev. Is a dermatitis (contact dermatitis), allergic dermatitis (allergic contact dermatitis), as well as microbial and fungal skin lesions of hands and interdigital folds — candidiasis, for example. For allergic professional dermatitis should eczema where the skin is unprotected. Easily attaches secondary infection, which can lead to osnovaniy microbial eczema. In the future, and microbial and professional eczema belong to so called true eczema”.

the Dermatologist said that the gloves which must protect citizens from intrusion COVID-19 “doesn’t protect you”.

“If you use them as disposable and short-lived, then, Yes, protect others — us from the distributed of germs and infection that is present on the surfaces of objects that we touch. But let us remember why we must keep clean hands in reflex to the touch of the person not to transfer the infection. The man, wearing gloves, though, receives absolution and then forget about it and wearing dirty gloves touching him more. In addition, people are shooting, wearing the same gloves several times in one shop walked in — wearing-shot, the other with a put on-took off, and hands it touched, including the outer — potentially infected the gloves. Then put it in my pocket until the next exit to the street. In the end, the protection turns into a potential threat,” said the doctor.

He is sure that processing hand antiseptic is much more effective.

Harm the skin to cause not only gloves but also a mask.

“the Media masks are also our patients, and not potential, but already real, — said the Professor. — We have not seen the facial lesions pustular infection — Streptococcus, Staphylococcus (boils or yellowish, honey-like crust, as in young children), and now they are already there in abundance, reason mask”.

the announcement emphasized that wearing a mask is necessary in places where they are really needed. “No need to put them on when you are driving alone in the car when walking on the street. It is even harmful: it makes breathing difficult, provokes staphylococcal and streptococcal skin lesions, he said. And again, reusable masks, let’s be honest, do not protect against viruses, however, as hygienic disposables. Wear a mask to not breathe and not sneeze on others and not in order to protect themselves from inhaled air”.

the Physician added that the mask may be just the cause of an infectious disease, not necessarily associated with the coronavirus, “if you wear it formally to fulfill the requirements”.

Recall that in connection with the spread of novel coronavirus infection in the Russian regions introduced masono-glove mode. In St. Petersburg remedy was required to wear not only in places of a congestion of people — in shops, transport — but also in the streets. This requirement was removed only from June 1.

Experts have previously told you how to use masks and gloves to protect the person from infection.

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