From his childhood in Bluff, city of the dukes of Normandy, the birthplace of William the Conqueror, Marie-Laure Desjardins has kept a daring joyful and optimistic, a simplicity all provincial and a taste of the other still chanted by the sound of laughter. Guided by the love of art, keen on new technologies, she created 10 years ago, ArtsHebdoMédias, an information site on contemporary art, dedicated to artists living and leaves Le Figaro , where she was a journalist to try this new adventure. She is convinced that “art should be treated with as much respect as politics or the economy.” Today, a doctor in art Sciences, researcher, lecturer, curator, editorial director of the site, it makes the point on its 10 years of chemins buissonniers artistic on the canvas.

LE FIGARO – what is it that makes you run for a decade?

Marie-Laure DESJARDINS -With ArtsHebdoMédias, we wanted to allow the greatest number of people to discover the contemporary creation, the diversity of forms of expression plastics present both in painting as in sculpture, installation, digital art. When we are in an expo or in a workshop, in contact with the artists, we share our choices, our favourites, our commitments, our vision of art For us, art must be treated with as much respect, rigour and seriousness as politics or the economy. Art is a vehicle of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. It is a fundamental aspect for any company.

who are you interested in particularly?

We are fully committed to living artists. Today’s designers are not quite developed, they are, however, museums will be exhibiting tomorrow, and on which the art historians in the future examine. It is absolutely necessary to collect their word, pass it on and keep it. It has a heritage value in the same way that all the treasures of stone or gold. It is this word that has shaped ArtsHebdoMédias. For our 10 years, we’re going to go back to artists that have marked our journey, as Sarkis, Emeric Lhuisset, Fabien Mérelle, or Miguel Chevalier. And look at the artists with whom we never had the chance to talk as Orlan, for example.

do You have a keen interest in the use of mobile technologies in artistic practices, why?

I started to take an interest starting in 2008 with facilities like NeORIZON of Maurice Benayoun, or CrossWorlds-Conspires Olga Kisseleva. It seemed evident from the arrival of the smartphone on the market in 2007 that its use would profoundly impact our daily modes of communication. Its touch screen and its internet connection and making a difference. Never technology had been so close to us, and his capabilities as a variety: write a love letter or a brief pro, capture images, but also sound, buy some goods or services, collect medical data, and so on. We are now in the billions to own one, regardless of our age, our social environment, our culture or our continent. No wonder the smartphone has also invested in the artistic sphere, and transformed the relationship that each may have with a work of art new forms are born: the paintings increased, works application, QR codes, artistic… for example, the work of Adrien M & Claire B. Currently, the duo proposes to Aix-en-Provence in the framework of the BIAC, Mirages & miracles. The exhibition presents many works in augmented reality, that require the use of a smartphone or a tablet.

Marie-Laure Desjardins inside of YOU:R:CODE, digital installation by Bernd Lintermann, ZKM, Germany. Marie-Laure Desjardins

The drives are they appointment?

Yes. Over the years, we have become a media of reference. Our database has now more than 10,000 textual content and 15,000 people read us every month, 71% of them on a computer and 23% on mobile devices. This does not mean that everything is simple for a media outlet that admits of no proximity between the advertising and the editorial. Learn about the art must be done independently. The freedom of information and freedom of creation are inseparable.

Small portrait of the chinese people to know more about you… If ArtsHebdoMédias was:

A painter, the anonymous painter; an artist, a tightrope walker; a sculpture, The walking Man ; a work of art, a performance, a museum, a museum; a color, orange; a table, a landscape, a city, an ideal city; a picture, a document; a trip, a road trip.