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Bells and Spells

an Entire world, it is a whole world that one of Aurélia Thierrée, who, with Bells and Spells , follows the thread of his previous designs while expanding his circle. The older sister of James Thierrée returns to the hands of their sorceress mother, Victoria Thierrée-Chaplin, to live the adventures if a particular character’s confusing. A kleptomane, you might say, a chapardeuse who loves to make disappear objects, even those of which it has no utility. Everything works like a dream, flows not always rational. But the logic has its part! In this world, we don’t know the video, new technologies or even the neon tubes which are the latest chic in the theatre. No. In the Thierrée-Chaplin, they practice magic stitched hand. And that is purely irresistible.

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“Bells and Spells”, in the Theatre of the Workshop, to 21 hours from Tuesday to Saturday, 15 hours on Sunday. Duration: 1h20. Tel.: Until 12 may.


The Collection

Micha Lescot and Mathieu Amalric in “The Collection”. Gwendal Le Flem

In a new translation of this text by Harold Pinter, signed by Olivier Cadiot and under the leadership of Ludovic Lagarde, four stars are met. Valérie Dashwood, in rare lines and strong presence, requires the erotic content of a woman who may be bored. Laurent Poitrenaux, dark, fierce, threatening and vulnerable, is her husband, torn by the desire to know the truth. A truth… It is beautiful. The decor is split in two. In the other apartment reign, the famous Harry, man, mode, false-detached, aggressive, nervous, tense with fear. It is Mathieu Amalric, in the serenity of performer subtle.
In him to live a long young man with red hair who moves like a dancer, feline seducer, sensualist without states of soul. Micha Lescot, breathtaking and funny. In short, a quartet of outstanding that, by design, dissipates none of the mysteries of the piece.

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“The Collection”, Bouffes du Nord (Paris Xe) until march 23. No-shows are always possible. Tel.: >

Why not? The road-trip punk Virginie Despentes on the stage of the Théâtre Paris-Villette. Lou Hérion

Apocalypse Baby

Faithful to the universe of punk, trash and populated by anti-heroes despentiens, the film director Selma Alaoui proposes an adaptation to the more literal original of the prix Renaudot 2010. Without transcending the theatrical creation, the piece, however, offers beautiful, full of laughter across a road-trip top color and intensity of the game outstanding from the two young actors, Eline Schumacher and Aymeric Trionto. Also welcome design generous and a riot of effects and rock ‘ n ‘ roll that set the rhythm of this epic beat-up, mid-way between the war and the party. To celebrate an apocalypse slayer and dancing!
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“Apocalypse Baby” at the Théâtre Paris-Villette, 211 Avenue Jean Jaurès (Xix)
Until the 28th of march, from Tuesday to Saturday at 20h, on Sunday at 15h30. Duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes.


there is something delightfully offbeat, in this fantasy, including Jean Cocteau admitted that he had

A white décor, designed, suggested, with a lot of tricks. sdqfsdf

written “to amuse the brothers Berthier, who were boys of sport who didn’t literature”.A avant-garde morning full of dreams, as found in his films. One may wonder why a young team like the one that leads with passion and sensitivity, and Caesar Duminil is passionate for this text quite dated. But the young director and performer end of Orpheus seems very comfortable in this universe. A white décor, designed, suggested, with a lot of tricks. A horse marvelously well. Make-up very white with eyes that are surrounded by a brown, which takes away from any realism, game, vivid, precise. A Eurydice pretty and sensitive (Josephine Thoby), a Heurtebise glazier, ambivalent desire (Jeremiah Ch), surround the hero. A pleasant and brief, which appeals to the public, always curious.

● “Orpheus” at the Lucernaire, 53 Rue Notre Dame des Champs (Life). Tuesday to Saturday at 18: 30, Sunday at 15h. Until the 24th of march. Tel.: 01 45 44 57 34. BOOK >

The Double inconstancy

Who tire of seeing a comedy of Marivaux such as The Double Inconstancy ? It is too wonderful, Marivaux, very brilliant and very cruel, it is funny, it is emotional, it is written in a language dazzling, which seems to us of a fresh and completely contemporary. Two farmers are in love with a tender love. Arlequin and Silvia. But the prince, crossing the young woman, took a fancy to marry her. He did remove it. It will involve Flaminia, the daughter of an officer of the Court and his confidante, for she separates the lovebirds… sister, Lisette, is happening in the game. In a version slightly tight, Philippe Calvario, which is a Trivelin end and nuanced, directs a group of performers stripped and sensitive (Harlequin Guillaume Sat is compelling in its sincerity, as in his awkwardness). But he believes that it is necessary to add effects such as paintings, music, etc, It doesn’t do anything unfortunately. Still, one listens, charmed, the comedy fierce and irresistible.

” The criticism in its entirety

“The Double Inconstancy”, Theatre 14. 20, avenue Marc-Sangnier (Xiv). Tel.: 01 45 45 49 77. Opening hours: mar., fri., sam. at 20: 30, sea., game. at 19 h, sat. 16 h. Until April 20. Duration: 1: 45. Places: from 11 € to 25 €.BOOK >


Franz is a nazi like the others. Handsome man 1.80 m in the blonde mane gominée and piercing blue eyes. We are at the beginning of years 40. Little soldier of lead ignorant, he enlisted proudly in the hitler youth. Then comes the shock: the death of his brother on the eastern front. Student, he joined the revolutionary youth of The White Rose. With an aesthetic and a sense of the story close to the historical documentary (which, however, lacks finesse and poetry), Geoffrey Lopez weaves a narrative that is still as effective when it comes to heroism, anti-nazi, and reveals a little more about this little known movement of the German resistance. Unlike a lot of alone in the theatre scene, the show does not have the economy of a stage that permits a little bit of color and movement. It is also, and especially well-narrated by Antoine Fichaux, actor a beautiful sincerity, the obvious presence.

“Never more,” at the Théâtre du Roi René, 12 Rue Edouard Lockroy (Xi).
Thursday to Saturday at 20h, on Sunday at 17h. Until 14 April. Duration: 1: 10. Tel.: 01 47 00 43 55.
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