Muriel Robin was beautiful to laugh at the entire halls with his shows and illustrate at the cinema, it retains not less deep wounds. In the issuance of France 2 Vivement Dimanche , she spoke without a blush the most painful moments of his life, revealed in his autobiography, Fragile out in October.

one of the most traumatic events of his existence remains the illness and then the death of her mother, has Alzheimer’s disease. This event has deeply affected the recent interpreter of Jacqueline Wild in the telefilm of the same name. “I would have wanted someone to warn that we were not going to be big, because it is really at hand, this is not a disease like the others,” she explains to Michel Drucker.

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The attachment of Muriel Robin at his mom was so strong that at his death, the actress made a “suicide attempt”. At that time, in 2003, “I want to die with it,” said the actress candidly. Why this terrible urge to end it all? “Because it is my mother, what. I stayed a year in Saint-Étienne near her during her illness, I no longer shake and I see everything that we missed in our relationship…”

Prior to this attempt, the actress has adopted a self-destructive behavior for the last year of the life of his mother. “I drink a lot, a litre of champagne in the evening, because otherwise I don’t know how I’m going to stick to it. I am completely clueless during that period,” she summarizes.

Even in evoking these hours black, the actress does not depart from a certain irony. “It didn’t work, the suicide, is within it. Yet normally when I do a trick it works well, but there… Finally, I believe that it didn’t work, otherwise I’m just a clone.” A nice illustration of the adage that humor is often the politeness of despair.