The art exhibition inspired by Michael Jackson has finally opened its doors this Tuesday at the Museum of modern art of Espoo, Finland. Michael Jackson: On the Wall brings together works of art old and new, which represent the king of pop and his impact on popular culture, created by artists like Andy Warhol, american photographer David LaChapelle and the ceramist british Grayson Perry. In the Face of the controversy, the organisers have assured that it was not to “glorify” the singer, still being prosecuted for allegations of sexual assault, ten years after his death.

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The rich exhibition of 90 works was first made in 2018 at the National Portrait Gallery in London, where she has been very well received by the critics. She then turned to Paris at the Grand Palais, paris, Bonn and now in Finland. The exhibitions of German and Finnish occur after a new series of accusations aimed at Michael Jackson. In a documentary that will shock released at the beginning of the year by the u.s. tv channel HBO, Leaving Neverland , two men claim to have been victims of sexual assault repeated on the part of the star when they were children, his property, phantasmagorical few hours from Los Angeles.

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The history of Michael Jackson dealt with “in another way”

The organizers have, however, said that the exhibition would be presented in the Finnish capital as “planned” and would be introduced by a text explaining that “the current debates may have changed the way in which the exhibition can be interpreted”.

“We can’t steal in front of these difficult subjects and we condemn, of course, any type of sexual assault,” said the AFP chief curator of the Museum of modern art, Espoo, Arja Miller. “But we want to provide a space for free discussions where artists can express themselves”, she added. “This exhibition and these artists do glorify not Michael Jackson but analyze its importance in our culture.”

According to Arja Miller, some organizations concerned by these controversies have refused to sponsor the show, without having seen it. “I am convinced that if they had seen the exhibition, they have agreed to be our partners, because it shows works very varied”, she said to AFP.

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Michael Jackson: On the Wall of the National Portrait Gallery, London, 28 June – 21 October 2018 Kehinde Wiley is included in the landmark exhibition ‘Michael Jackson: On the Wall’ at the National Portrait Gallery, London. Wiley”s monumental painting ‘Equestrian Portrait of King Philip II (Michael Jackson)’, 2010, opens the exhibition, and was the last portrait of Jackson commissioned. Michael Jackson has become one of the most depicted cultural figures in visual art, and the exhibition explores his remarkable legacy and enduring influence on the leading names in contemporary art, spanning several generations of artists across all media #michaeljackson #kehindewiley

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Many of the works kitsch

Many of the works inspired by Michael Jackson played with the raucous and grotesque, like the gilded statue of a giant superstar with his chimp servant, Bubbles, created by Paul McCarthy, and the portrait in the actual size ordered Kehinde Wiley by Michael Jackson shortly before his death in 2009, and which sets the scene on horseback, in shining armour, and surrounded by cherubs.

For the Romanian artist Dan Mihaltianu, who is interested in the influence of the singer in the Bucharest post-communist, Michael Jackson “will always remain an icon, it is impossible to make it disappear”. “Ten years after his death, he discusses his history in another way”.