His setbacks have been in turmoil the community of hip-hop: the american rapper A$AP Rocky, who is suspected of assault after a brawl in Sweden, will stay a small week in detention prior to knowing whether he will be tried for the violence. A Swedish court Friday ordered the continued detention until 25 July to allow the prosecution to complete its investigation and to ask for his eventual return to violence.

“The time (granted the attorney) for prosecution has been extended to Thursday, July 25 at 11 a.m. (9 a.m. GMT). The artist suspected to remain in detention for the duration of this time,” announced the court, after a hearing of one hour, at which time, ASAP Rocky has appeared in uniform green of the inmates.

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Since his imprisonment at the beginning of July in Stockholm, friends and fans of the artist, new yorkers are mobilizing on social networks, calling for his release and denouncing a “fury” of the justice Swedish. According to american website TMZ, the president, Donald Trump has even asked his team to work towards his release”. The production company Swedish music Woah dad! a campaign has been launched in the capital’s streets where posters black “Free A$AP Rocky ASAP” (Free A$AP Rocky without delay) have been posted.

Up to two years in prison

A$AP Rocky , a 30-year-old, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was taken into custody on July 3, at the end of a concert, in the company of three other people, after a fight, on the 30th of June, in the streets of the Swedish capital. On 5 July, a court ordered his incarceration on the grounds that there was “a flight risk” abroad. The prosecution had until 19 July to complete the survey and request its referral to a court, for a trial likely to be held in August. The prosecution, however, requested on Friday a period of instruction and the extension of his detention on remand until Thursday, July 25.

For the lawyer of the rapper, Slobodan Jovicic, his client has a genuine chance of being released. “The court could estimate that two weeks (of ownership) are enough”, he told the daily Expressen . A$AP Rocky faces up to two years in prison for “violence”.

An amateur video released by TMZ

His defense argued that he was merely reacting in self-defence to the provocations of a small group of people who harassed and followed him and his entourage. On an amateur video first released by TMZ, the artist puts on the ground a young man and then give him several blows. In other videos, A$AP Rocky asked several times to two young men to stop the follow. One of the two men also hit a member of the entourage of the rapper and a parallel investigation has been opened against him.

a Native of New York, A$AP Rocky emerged in 2011 with the release of a compilation entitled Live. Love. ASAP . In 2013, he followed that up with his first album Long. Live. ASAP . More than 600,000 people have signed a petition on the internet #JusticeForRocky calling for his release.

● title Long Live A$AP

A justice that is “totally independent” of the executive

Several elected officials in the u.s. Congress have called on Stockholm to release the musician and a former u.s. ambassador to Stockholm, Mark Brzezinski, noted that he had contacted the Swedish ministry of foreign Affairs and the royal house, in denouncing the “injustice and racial nature”. The government opposed him, that the justice system was completely independent of the executive in the scandinavian country. “We cannot, as ministers, to intervene in the course of justice,” replied the head of the diplomacy Margot Wallström.

fans of The rapper were also outraged at the conditions of his detention as they were described to us, on the faith of anonymous sources, per TMZ. According to this information, A$AP Rocky “sleeps on a yoga mat, no blanket”, has eaten at the beginning of his incarceration, “an apple a day”, in a foul smell of urine and feces. The prison administration has denied, by publishing pictures of the inside of the house arrest. And his first lawyer has also refuted these claims. “It is well treated”, he assured.