Detained outside the state Duma, the TRANS-activists were released, the police remains the journalist, which is considered the

In Moscow, 22 of the 23 detained yesterday in the pickets against the amendments to the Family code of the Russian Federation released from police departments. Protocols on activists, among whom was transgender, not was, but is obliged to “appear” to the authorities, Interfax reports.

Another detained journalist Mila Zemtsov, leave it to the police station for the night. The girl is charged with “organizing a series of mobile pickets” — a serious offense that is the subject of part 2 of article 20.2 of the administrative code. According to this article, the court shall appoint the arrests.

Associates Zemtsova on the libertarian Youth civil society (IMS), headed by Michael Light say she was not involved in picketing and especially in his organisation and covered the event on assignment. However, the police allegedly “began to threaten that she will “sew” the organization of pickets, the pickets, they called uncoordinated rallies “gay parades”, said the ICO.

July 18, protesters in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad to protest against the impending ban on transgender people marriage and adoption of children. The initiative to change family law belongs to Senator Elena Mizulina and a number of her colleagues in the Federation Council.

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