Detainees in Belarus,

Russian Prosecutor General’s office announced the return of 32 Russian citizens detained in Belarus in late July and accused of involvement in the PMC “Wagner”.

According to the press service of the Ministry, 33 of the detained Belarusian passport, so he stayed on the territory of Belarus.

it is Noted that citizens have conveyed to the Russian side in strict accordance with international law, however, the competent authorities of the Russian Federation will continue to deal with the situation.

“Thirty-two citizen of Russian Federation who were earlier arrested on the territory of Belarus, crossed the state border of the Russian Federation and are currently on the territory of Russia. Thirty-third citizen of Russia, which also has a Belarusian citizenship, remained in the territory of the Republic of Belarus”, — says the message.

the Source of “Interfax” reported that the Russians gave Moscow without preconditions, as a “gesture of goodwill”. After returning home they will not face prosecution.

“No conditions the Belarusian side does not put forward. The transfer of Russian citizens to Moscow were carried out in the framework of a goodwill gesture in accordance with the bilateral documents on friendship and good neighborliness”, he said.

Recall that 33 Russian citizens were detained in Belarus on July 29. Law enforcement agencies consider them to be fighters, “PMC Wagner”, who arrived for the preparation of mass riots. Ukraine said that 28 of the 33 Russians participated in combat operations in the Donbass. Moscow says that the Russians — employees of the chop and were in the country of transit.