Deutsche Grammophon

if the disk do not seem to be an object perfectly incongruous, it’s a safe bet that your eyes have ever laid on this famous yellow cartridge, with its pattern of tulips and giving to read the greatest names of the genre: Mozart, Tchaikovsky or Chopin, but also by Herbert von Karajan, Leonard Bernstein, or Martha Argerich. Deutsche Grammophon and classical music? Rarely a kind will be at this point melted into a record label, despite competition raised (Decca, RCA or EMI does enfilèrent not beads). The list of engravings historical is numberless, as much, because this label is today the oldest still in operation only because his catalogue materializes a mastery of artistic incomparable.

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Founded by Emil Berliner in 1898 in Hanover in Germany as a logical extension of the gramophone – that he invented to offer the world the flat disk …

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