Home Breaking Died fighting against Stalin dissident Maya Ulanovskaya

Died fighting against Stalin dissident Maya Ulanovskaya

Died fighting against Stalin dissident Maya Ulanovskaya

In Israel, died on the Russian writer and translator Maya Ulanovskaya. In Soviet times, she was sent to the GULAG as a dissident. About the death of Ulanova on 89-m to year the human rights organization “memorial”.

Maya’s Parents were professional revolutionaries and fell under the steamroller of repression in the late 1940-ies. “Before the arrest, the father said to Maya: “I know that you’ll be sitting, but never come to terms with injustice,” it said in the obituary.

After entering the Institute, ulanovsky joined the underground youth anti-Stalinist “Union of struggle for the revolution”. In 1951 she was arrested, a year later, the court issued a sentence of 25 years imprisonment. In 1956, the participant of the dissident movement for five years reduced the term of imprisonment and was released under the Amnesty. Then Maya Alexandrovna worked in the library of the Institute in Moscow and participated in the human rights movement, in particular reprinted samizdat.

In 1973 Ulanovskaya “squeezed” out of the country. Together with the family she was in Israel, where he translated Russian books into English and Hebrew. It is also produced in collaboration with mother’s memoirs.

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