Died musician Oleg parastayev, the author of the song

Died composer and musician Oleg parastayev, the former participant of group “the Alliance”. Information about this appeared on the musician’s page “Vkontakte”.

“early this morning died Oleg parastayev, Soviet and Russian musician and composer as well as a loving father and husband,” — said in the message.

it is Noted that about the time of farewell to the musician will be announced later.

Oleg parastayev — known keyboardist and composer. Most fruitful was his cooperation with the group “Alliance”. It was then written his most famous hit, “At the dawn”. However, in 1988 parastayev go. Further work is associated with the New Russian group” (“NRG”). Recently, the musician launched a new project “nazaré” — the title of the hit.

Oleg Parastaev was 61.

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