Dieudonne is accustomed to provocations. Convicted several times for incitement to hatred and defamation of character, it attacked this week to Manuel Valls. The comedian offers of places in the “tariff Valls” for his show on February 16 in Barcelona, the Catalan capital where the former minister is a candidate for mayor.

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Dieudonne will again face justice in the spring of next year, decided Monday, the correctional court of Paris. The 11th criminal chamber, specialized in financial affairs, will host his trial on 26 and 27 march, the 1, 2 and 3 April 2019, for money laundering, tax evasion and abuse of social goods.

The polemicist would have concealed more than a million euros to the tax authorities. The investigation, which was opened in 2013, had revealed the existence of large amounts of cash belonging to the comedian, 52 years of age. Dieudonné, who is said to be insolvent, would have hidden its revenues from performances that are not accounted for during the years.

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In January 2014, 650.000 euros in cash had been found at the home of Eure-et-Loir of Dieudonné. This same property had been sold by the actor, and then acquired by his company. According to the accused, it was the amount of his recent tour through France, The Wall . It would also have transferred nearly 600,000 euros abroad, while it has registered that low income tax returns between 2009 and 2014.

Dieudonné accused of tax fraud and money laundering : the date of his hearing revealed – Watch on Figaro Live

The polemicist had been returned to the correctional end of November 2017 for tax fraud as a manager is his company’s Productions of the Feather, the laundering of tax fraud, as well as to the fraudulent organisation of insolvency.

He and his girlfriend Noémie Montagne will also have to answer for abuse of social goods at the expense of the Productions of the Pen. And the company itself will be deemed, for VAT fraud.

The international League against racism and antisemitism (Licra), the civil party, had filed a complaint of negligence to obtain damages and interest that was owed to him as the polemicist after several convictions for defamation, or incitement to racial hatred. The general Directorate of public finances is also constituted civil party.