Dima Bilan

the Russian singer Dima Bilan “lost” the victory in the musical contest “Eurovision-2008”. Festival organizers staged a re-vote of all years, which started on Twitter.

In the survey, Bilan, who won in 2008 with the song Believe, moved to the ninth place of the list of finalists. First place was given to Ani Lorak, speakers from Ukraine and took the second place.


the Votes have been checked and verified by Dr @Ellie_Made EurovisionAgain Exec Supervisor, @RobHolley and @JRawson”s chihuahua🐾

Here are the scores from the BELGRADE 2008 Twitter jury 🇷🇸

✨UKRAINE’S @anilorak happy WINS 🇺🇦✨

🥇🇺🇦 🥈🇬🇷 🥉🇮🇸 pic.twitter.com/GyV2zA5hmj

— #EurovisionAgain (@EurovisionAgain) June 20, 2020

lorac has already responded. “It’s nice to receive such news from Europe!”, — wrote the singer.

Bilan has not yet commented on the results of the online survey. Officially, they do not affect the results of the vote in 2008. The victory is the Russian singer.

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