“For the prosecution, Dinah’s death is not the result of school harassment”, explained the public prosecutor in Mulhouse Edwige Roux-Morizot, during a press conference.

The magistrate expressed herself with great caution and sensitivity, seeming to weigh each of her words concerning “the diving into the intimacy” of this young girl, made necessary by the two investigations for research into the causes of death and for harassment. school.

– Dark side –

After a first suicide attempt in March 2021, Dinah, educated in second class in Mulhouse, was found hanged at the family home in Kingersheim on the night of October 4 to 5, 2021.

Her family had filed a complaint the following month for “harassment”, “manslaughter” or even “incitement to suicide”, for facts which took place between 2019 and 2021, when Dinah was in 4th and 3rd grade. She accused the college of not reacting to the situation.

“There were indeed certain insults, but to which she responded without difficulty, but above all there was a suffering to leave a group that she formed with a certain number of friends” in 3rd class, explained the prosecutor from Mulhouse.

“There were (between her new group of friends and the old one) some heated exchanges which made Dinah particularly very unhappy, but no objective element emerged which could be qualified as harassment”, she said. added.

In addition, the young girl was “not at all insulted because of her sexual orientation” nor of her interbreeding, also underlined the prosecutor.

Completed in April and presented to the family in May, the investigation, “objective, exhaustive, impartial and very complete” according to Ms. Roux-Morizot, with a total of a hundred people heard, made it possible to draw a fairly precise portrait of Dinah , a “brilliant young girl, absolutely not isolated” but also with a dark side, “a complex personality, with a psychic imbalance”.

“She had such a thirst for recognition that it was never enough, she was always unsatisfied,” noted the magistrate.

– “Additional test” –

Dinah’s family lawyer still has the option of filing an appeal with the public prosecutor or a complaint with civil action with an investigating judge.

“We will think about it quietly,” told AFP Me Laure Boutron-Marmion, who already “formally challenges” the conclusions of the prosecution.

This classification announcement without follow-up is “obviously disappointing” for Dinah’s family, for whom it constitutes “an additional ordeal, especially a few days before the anniversary of her death”, reported the lawyer.

Me Boutron-Marmion denounces, on the part of the prosecution, a “vindictive reading of the file”, while on the contrary, according to her, “the investigation shows clear facts of harassment”.

“Many hearings were able to confirm the ordeal that Dinah was going through” and, “at this stage, the investigation shows a school with absent subscribers in the face of her distress”, affirms the family lawyer, judging that “the prosecution puts the cursor differently” on what harassment is.

She sent on Wednesday a request for additional investigative actions, including the exploitation of Dinah’s phone when she was in 3rd grade.

Ms. Roux-Morizot explained that she had chosen to communicate in a rather unusual way, on a classification without follow-up, “insofar as an entire college was stigmatized and the educational team named by name”.

The prosecutor also announced that “a soldier, who lives at the other end of France”, and another person residing in Dijon, who had made death threats on social networks targeting personnel from the college of Dinah, had been identified and would be tried by the criminal court in March.