“A body was found in the search area, which may correspond to the missing victim. The formal identification is not officially acquired,” said a source familiar with the matter. “It was indeed an area close to the home of the respondent.”

He himself had indicated an area near his home for the search for the body of the young woman, mother of a child of two and a half years, after having confessed to her rape and murder at the end of her police custody, had -we learned from sources familiar with the matter.

Since Monday evening, 80 police and gendarmes have been searching the surroundings of the farm where the suspect lives, in Beynat, about twenty kilometers from Beynat, and they had already discovered traces of blood in his room as well as in his car.

They had also discovered Justine Vayrac’s handbag “charred near” his home, Brive prosecutor Emilie Abrantes told the press on Wednesday.

The suspect, a young 21-year-old farmer, according to testimonies from relatives met by an AFP correspondent in Beynat, must be presented Thursday to an investigating judge in Limoges, where the prosecutor will hold a press conference at 6:30 p.m.

– Knowledge” –

He is a member of the football club of this rural town of around 1,300 inhabitants, and even went to the match played by his team on Sunday, a few hours after the disappearance of Justine Vayrac, but did not come into play, said said a club member who requested anonymity.

The young woman, originally from Tauriac, in the neighboring department of Lot, had disappeared Sunday morning, around 4:00 a.m., near a nightclub in Brive, “La Charrette”, where she spent the evening with friends.

The group had first spent a moment in a bar in the city, “Le Local”, where Justine Vayrac was “a familiar face” according to the owners.

“We didn’t see anything alarming. Otherwise, we would have intervened. It was an evening like any other,” they told an AFP correspondent.

The rest of the evening is a little more vague, but, according to several sources, Justine Vayrac would have felt bad in the disco after having drunk a few glasses of alcohol and would have decided to go to sleep in her car.

It was then that she crossed paths with the suspect, an “acquaintance” according to a friend of the young woman who left her with him and then went back to the nightclub.

Nearly an hour later, he no longer sees her in the car. He calls this “acquaintance” who replies “that he left because Justine felt better”.

A few hours later, he told her that Justine had told her that she was with another friend, but the young woman hadn’t heard from her companion since 2:00 a.m., which alarmed her friends.

Justine Vayrac’s mother was worried about not having heard from since Sunday because she has “fusional” relations with her daughter who “lives 50 meters from her home”, she explained to a correspondent at the start of the week. from AFP.

In addition, the evening of his disappearance, “her new boyfriend was waiting for her”, she had also indicated.

Justine Vayrac was training in Brive to become a caregiver, according to an elected municipal official in the town.

She was separated from the father of her child, who lives in Toulouse, but things between them were going “well”, according to her mother, and she had custody of the little boy.