The argentinian musician Jaime Torres, who has made him known in the world of the charango, andean stringed instrument, died Monday at the age of 80 years, announced his daughter. “Today, we must drink a toast, thinking of him and listening to the sound of his charango”, said his daughter and manager, Soledad Torres, the daily Clarin .

a Performer and composer, Jaime Torres was the main charangiste of the popular music in argentina since the second half of the last century. “Jaime Torres has played with everyone. His legacy is endless,” commented the specialist Silvia Majul. Parents are bolivian, born in Argentina on September 21, 1938, Jaime Torres, will discover this instrument typical of the andean five pairs of double strings, which will find its letters of nobility in the Misa Criolla of the composer Ariel Ramirez in 1964.

Jaime Torres has done many european tours, and participated in the opening ceremony of the football world Cup in Germany in 1974.