The singer-songwriter martinique Mauritius Jallier died Friday at the age of 90 at his home in Fort-de-France. Born January 12, 1929 in Benin, has composed several hundred songs, as many of the small paintings social. Among these, Lazazou, Céfilon, Mirogréa will remain among the masterpieces of French west indian music”, tweeted the Sacem, of which he was the oldest member from martinique.

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prolific Artist, guitarist and pianist, one who had exercised also as a physiotherapist until the mid-sixties, has lived at the pinnacle of his career as an artist in the 1950s to the 1970s. He created the group Créolita, which was live dances and traditional music, and has contributed to the great Carnal caribbean held in Paris in 1985. In addition to the field of composition, he has also exercised his talents in comedy by writing skits and plays, and wrote several books on music in the west Indies.

“With the group Créolita, he has travelled all over Europe with the support of Air France. And the carnival of Paris, which he created, is today an essential event? It has launched artists like Maurice Alcindor or David Martial and his books on the Music in the Caribbean are reference works,” reflected his friend, Jean Trudo from Martinique 1st two years ago.

Activist and advocate for the rights of blind people

blind, he had campaigned in favor of the recognition of non-visionaries. The association martiniquaise Parents of Blind Children, of which he was one of the animators, has expressed its emotion by ensuring: “through your music, everyone will think of you”.

“Maurice Jallier will not cease throughout his career to promote the cultural heritage caribbean international, including the creation of the group Créolita and the famous caribbean Carnival of Paris, thanks to which the cultural richness of the west Indies continues to this day to shine on the most beautiful avenue of the capital”, wrote the minister of overseas Annick Girardin in a tribute Monday.