The franco-israeli singer Maya Casabianca, who had known the glory in the 1960s in France and in the arab countries, has died at the age of 78 years in Israel, reported on Wednesday the local media. She died on 31 December, announced his family on the social networks, without specifying the causes of death.

Born in Morocco in 1941 under the name Margalit Azran, Maya Casabianca had made a name in France in the early 1960s. She has sung at the Olympia in the first part of Yves Montand, who chose his stage name in reference to his hometown, Casablanca, and has also sung alongside Georges Brassens.

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Discovered by producer Jacques Canetti when she was only 13 years old, she sang Yes, before God and Guard me the last dance . Among his successes, there is also El Matador, Farewell, my country, In the streets of Bahia… His record company was determined to make it a competitor for serious Dalida, according to the daily newspaper Haaretz .

Maya Casabianca sings Yea, before God

In his autobiography published in 2001 in Hebrew and Arabic, she says that he sang in Moscow in front of 6000 people, of which the soviet leaders of the time and have had the boldness to interpret the israeli national anthem, at a time when the USSR maintained no diplomatic relations with Israel.

Maya Casabianca sings As on the first day

Mistress of the famous egyptian singer Farid el-Atrache, she kept a portrait of him in his living room with the dedication “For you, for life,” according to Haaretz who had interviewed at the time of the publication of his book. She had sung in several arab countries such as Lebanon and Syria, hiding his jewish identity and his ties with Israel at the request of its producers.

The singer told of how she had fled from Syria after a concert in Damascus because it was sued by the syrian secret services who had discovered his identity, reported Haaretz . Having lived for a time in Paris, she had returned to live in Israel to join her daughter and her grandchildren. She was buried in the village of Kfar Tavor (north), approximately 50 km from Haifa where she was living, said the daily.