“Items belonging to the missing were found: a health card, black trousers, a black sandal and a pair of boots belonging to Bruno Pereira, and a pair of boots and a backpack belonging to Dom Phillips and containing clothes personnel,” said the federal police of the state of Amazonas (northwestern Brazil) in a press release.

Earlier, the Amazonas firefighters informed the local press of the discovery of personal items that may belong to the missing, found “near the house” of Amarildo Costa de Oliveira, the only detainee in the case.

Police said on Sunday that the search teams, on the seventh day of work, traveled about 25 kilometers and engaged in a “careful search through the jungle, the roads of the region and the flooded vegetation” especially in the area. where a boat believed to belong to the suspect was found.

Dom Phillips, 57, a contributor to the British newspaper The Guardian, and Bruno Pereira, 41, an expert with the Brazilian government agency for indigenous affairs (Funai), were traveling together by boat through the Javarí Valley region, a remote region in the far west of Amazonas, conducting interviews for a book on environmental conservation.

They were last seen on June 5, in the locality of Sao Gabriel, not far from their destination, the city of Atalaia do Norte.