Home Life Style Disney unveiled the trailer is very realistic of her new Lion King

Disney unveiled the trailer is very realistic of her new Lion King


Among the multitude of films that the franchise, Disney plans to release this year, there is one which arouses particular attention. The Lion King, one of the great classics of american studios, has just unveiled its first real trailer. The video, long and a little less than two minutes, is added to the first images from the adaptation released in a short teaser last November.

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“run away, Simba, and never return!” was launched, Scar, brother of the king Mufasa, young Simba terrified in the animated film in 1994. If since the teaser of November, the public could expect to see a remake true to the original work, the trailer confirms this intuition. Mishaps with the hyenas in the graveyard of the elephants in the tragic race of wildebeest, the Disney studios have not been shy of special effects particularly salient to animate with feat Simba, but Timon, Pumbaa, Scar, Nala, Zazu and Mufasa. True-to-life, the protagonists of this tale very freely inspired by the play Hamlet of Shakespeare promise already of very beautiful moments of cinema.

The new official trailer of the movie “The Lion King” – to Look on Figaro Live

Several famous american artists have agreed to lend their voices: Donald Glover will play as Simba and while Beyoncé gives him the replica in the role of Nala. The stamp is a severe Chiwetel Ejiofor will be the one of the terrible Scar. The presenter and comedian John Oliver, who has been entrusted with the role of Zazu, complete the distribution of the dubbing. The French casting has not yet been revealed. Only Jean Reno has been confirmed to lend his imposing voice to the king Mufasa, and we can already hear it in the trailer.

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For this new version of Jon Favreau’s, Elton John composed the soundtrack for the film, accompanied by the songs of Beyoncé. Already awarded in 1995 for a Golden Globe for the best in music to the first animated version of the Lion King , Hans Zimmer joins them to recreate the magic of the original musical. Now this will have to wait until July 17 to see this new version of the Lion King .