the Network has begun collecting signatures against the results of voting on amendments to the Constitution of Russia. On the portal have a related petition.

“Not the fact that we will get justice, but we have a chance to prove ourselves that we are right that the majority of us. Show your position, don’t let yourself and your loved ones to be slaves!”, — follows from the text of the address.

the Petition is addressed to the CEC.

the Goal of treatment — to “prove the incompetence of the CEC and of falsification of results of voting.” To do this, type “more than 22% of the votes against the amendments in the Constitution in 2020 (from the number of voters in the recent “election”)”, that is, you need to a minimum of 15 537 000 people signed a petition, say the authors.

Recall, the vote on constitutional amendments took place in Russia from 25 June to 1 July. According to the CEC, the amendment was voted 77,92% of participants of plebiscite against of 21.27%. In the main document of the country were invited to make more than 200 changes, including annual indexation of pensions; about the minimum wage not below the subsistence level; of the ban on foreign citizenship for top officials; the expansion of the role of the state Council and the “zero” time spent on a post of the head of state, Vladimir Putin.

Stories about how you tried to get help from the Russian state in terms of coronaries and what came of it, email it to