Doctor called effective cure for a hangover

the Doctor-phytotherapeutist Michael Lushchik said about the unique properties of fermented milk drink ayran.

According to him, ayran increases the acidity of gastric juice. In an interview with radio Sputnik candidate of biological Sciences Michael Lushchik explained that this acidic product helps the body digest additionally “all that is not digested”.

At the same time, as noted by the physician, the Ira proteins are easily digestible nutrient substrate. “In this regard, the use of absolute,” said Lushchik, noting that the drink is rich in vitamins and minerals and is useful for digestion.

He advises to drink ayran in the fasting days, as well as to combat a hangover. The herbalist was called the drink an effective tool in such situations, adding that “this does not mean that any situation to virucides ayran”.

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