Doctor from Tver, said that he was taken through Moscow to Kuban for questioning about fasting on the public medical

a Doctor from Tver said about the compulsory delivery to the investigator for Kuban Krasnodar for interrogation on the publication of another doctor in the public medical.

As reported by the “Caucasian knot” doctor “ambulance” from Tver, the father of three children Oleg Greek, he conducts public “listening at physicians Tver SOMETHING (Pant)”, and July 15, came to his home by law enforcement officers with the resolution on a search for the solution Kanevsky district court of Krasnodar territory. Returning home after a hard shift, the doctor asked what they want the apartment to find. Law enforcement officers responded that they need a computer, and the doctor immediately gave him. After that, the doctor said that they have been ordered to immediately bring the doctor to the village Kanevskaya.

According to Oleg Greek, explained to him that he is a witness to the act of posting in a public “Overheard at physicians Tver SOMETHING (Pant)” the story of a surgeon, Kanevsky TSRB Ksenia Afanasyeva, which describes the tragic situation that has led to the death of a child. The reason for the investigation was that in the post you provided the name of the deceased child, and it is a violation of privacy.

the Greek explained that the name of the child in October last year sounded on television, and in the whole history of Kanev was a great public outcry.

However, the doctor said it will take Kanevsky in for questioning. Oleg Grek asked whether it is possible to provide an interrogation via a video link, but he refused. “I was put in a minibus along with a computer and brought to Moscow at the airport. I was barely alive from exhaustion after work, after the second sleepless nights, stress and confusion that is going on, and why I was to blame. I understand that if I refuse to go, then I’ll use force, I, in principle, and was told,” said the Greek.

According to him, at the airport, three police officers and his computer was not allowed on the plane because the airline doesn’t allow for free carry the Luggage. While law enforcement officers dismantled the computer Greek.

on arrival At the Krasnodar doctor “drove a few hours on some road to nowhere”. In the end, as told by the Greek, he was taken to the investigator in the village Kanevskaya. “She asked me formal questions: if I owned the public, as got a letter of a doctor with the hospital in Kaniv the public. All I knew was, I honestly told him. This interrogation lasted no more than two hours, given the “research” of my hard drive. Then the investigator told me that I can be free with my computer that I somehow collected. When I asked how am I supposed to get home from Kanevskaya to Tver, where to ride nearly two thousand kilometers, the investigator said that it does not address issues of delivery,” said the Greek.

Police, who brought it to the Kuban, told the Greek that they did not allocated funds for its delivery back, and left. In the end the man had to get home on their own — as a result he only came back on July 18. “I haven’t slept more than three days, was completely broken and I felt very bad, and ahead was the next shift without a rest,” said the doctor.

He turned with the complaint to actions of militiamen to the Prosecutor.

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