It was believed the plot of Shining buckled, it is nothing. The sequel to the cult novel of 1977 by Stephen King, Doctor Sleep , published in 2013, has been adapted for film and will be released on the screens in france on the 30th October next. Warner Bros. unveiled Thursday a first trailer for the film, directed by Mike Flanagan ( The Mirror , Not a sound , Jessie , already adapted from Stephen King). It is also the result of the film Shining , directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1980, and that Stephen King was repugnant to the liberties taken by the director in relation to the novel of origin – including the fact that it glosses over the alcoholism of Jack Torrance.

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Warning, spoilers of the Shining original. Now, 40 years old, the child of Shining Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor) has set aside his powers (he could see the evil that lived in the hotel) after having survived the murderous madness of his father Jack. He tries to forget his trauma in childhood of alcohol and violence… like his father. These powers, however, it must out of his closet inside to help a girl to like abilities (Kyliegh Curran) face the antagonist of the film (Rebecca Ferguson).

DOCTOR SLEEP – check out the trailer of the sequel of the Shining – Watch on Figaro Live

The trailer presents a Danny lonely, facing his demons, a recluse in what seems to be a small apartment under the eaves. One night, after a violent jolt, appears on the wall: “REDRUM” to be “MURDER” (murder in English) seen in a mirror. The Message that came back as a gimmick horror a preacher in the film of Stanley Kubrick, whether on the walls or in the mouth of a Danny still a child.

The return of the scenes of the Overlook

After this, the short video mixes introduction of the new plot and references to the Shining of 1980. Danny child on his tricycle, walking the carpet with hexagonal patterns of the Overlook hotel, the door of room 237 and the old woman who lived her bath cerulean, the terrifying twin’grady-end of the corridor… And of course, the inevitable hall to the elevators invaded by waves of blood, plan worship and stylized, having terrified generations of moviegoers.

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The trailer ends with, it seems, a return of Danny in the Overlook hotel. He found the bathroom where had taken refuge, his mother (Shelley Duvall) to escape the madness of Jack (Jack Nicholson). As an echo to the course of alcohol and violence similar to that of his father, Danny ends up placing his head in the large crack created by Jack with his axe at the end of Shining . Then appears the title Doctor Sleep surrounded by a ghostly halo of whitish, all on the scary music from the movie of 1980.

In an interview with Allociné , producer of Doctor Sleep , Mike Flanagan, said he wanted to “pay homage to the genius of Kubrick and honor one of Stephen King”. Either juggle between the legacy of the film from 1980, of which Doctor Sleep is a sequel, and the adaptation of the novel of 2013, very different from the movie by Stanley Kubrick. Mike Flanagan has also wished to make “a film by fans for the fans”… We rejoice in any case that Doctor Sleep take reference to the Kubrick’s movie, and not the mini-series of 1997. The latter, although in accordance to the novel and adoubée by Stephen King, has never had the will critical and public as a masterpiece of 1980.