Doctor: Upcoming events for vaccination against coronavirus is nothing more than Commerce

About 50% of Russians prefer not to be vaccinated against coronavirus, according to the Fund “Public opinion”. With that half of the respondents agrees the head of the St. Petersburg health Committee in 1996-1997, doctor of medical Sciences Alexander Redko.

“I as the doctor do not understand this situation with vaccination. The vaccine is specific to a particular strain of the virus, and the coronavirus mutates much. Until we do, he’s already changes, and to predict what the virus in a few years, it is impossible. All flu vaccines, for example, made to strain three years ago. That’s why the vaccine, which appears unlikely to be saved from COVID-19, and we should not fool the people. And 50% of the population, as we see by this poll, already padureni”, — expressed his opinion Alexander Redko.

According to the doctor, half of the “refuseniks” understands that all future measures for vaccination against coronavirus is nothing more than Commerce. Many said Alexander Redko, scares the theory about the ambitions of bill gates, who “plans to implement a plan to reduce the population and is investing billions in the world health organization”.

“In any case, according to experts, the vaccine earlier than three years, can not be done physically — because there are protocols of clinical trials. Need to see the long term effects of vaccine application. Experiments on people we have banned, but clinical trials conducted on human volunteers, followed then watch. How has the health status, blood composition, did not appear whether oncogenes, a number of other characteristics. Of course, in theory, can be vaccinated right now, but without testing no one can guarantee that the vaccine will be effective and not dangerous. 50% of those respondents who agreed to be vaccinated, hardly realize that the rate of chemical and biological reactions cannot be accelerated directives from above”, — summed up Alexander Redko.

Recall, according to the public opinion Foundation, 44% of the respondents would like to get vaccinated for coronavirus, while 50% would not and 6% were undecided. Among the reasons respondents said distrust of the as a quickly developed vaccine, the belief in a good immune system and others. The majority (29%) are waiting for the vaccine this year, 19% in the first half of 2021 and 10% in the second.

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