Doctors claim about the impact of coronavirus on male infertility

Coronavirus lead to complications in the reproductive sphere. This was told by head of the gynecological Department of the national medical research center of obstetrics, gynecology and Perinatology named after academician V. I. Kulakov Elena Uvarova.

As noted by the expert, we have had COCID deteriorating semen quality, which is not high. “Moved COVID gives the reduction of sperm quality by 38%,” — said Uvarov.

thus, according to chief urologist of Moscow Armais Kamalova, the number of cases of coronavirus infection, a new type of 63-65% male.

“a Number of works have shown that coronavirus infection was discovered in biological material men. This suggests that you need to very seriously evaluate condition and reproductive function in men,” said Kamalov.

Recall the total number of cases COVID-19 in Russia amounted to 654 405 people. The day was 6556 new cases. At any time since the beginning of the epidemic in our country recovered 422 931.

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