Doctors described the symptoms of issues with thyroid

Scientists call in any case do not ignore the signs of thyroid problems and begin treatment at an early stage.

According to the portal from the thyroid depends on the regulation of hormones in the body and its maintenance, so notice the “problem” quite easily.

the Guard should be at the onset of sleep problems. In the case of insomnia or fatigue in the morning, you need to check the hormones T3 and T4.

sweating is Often called the main symptom of thyroid problems, which tells about her hyperactivity. The excess hormones in the blood stimulates the metabolism, but enjoy this intense metabolism is not worth it, the reverse effect will not take long.

Another reason for going to the doctor is increased anxiety, which can also occur because of the “violence” of hormones. Women experience this condition every month, but if it becomes obsessive, is to pass the examination.

the thyroid is closely linked with gastro-intestinal tract, as the hormones in control of his work. In this regard, abdominal cramps can talk about the problems much more serious than too hearty dinner.

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