Doctors expect a sharp increase in the number of patients with diabetes after the pandemic

In Russia, after the epidemic of the coronavirus can dramatically increase the number of people suffering from diabetes. These are frightening predictions of doctors, based on data about the ability of coronavirus to cause damage to the pancreas.

As have informed “news” the head of Department of endocrinology, medical faculty rnimu Pirogov Tatiana Demidova, about 20% of Russians are currently in prediabetics status. According to her, they can all be at risk and become a suffering from diabetes.

Demidov referred to the publications about the ability COVID-19 to damage the pancreas. “It was reported that such a pattern was detected of not less than one-third of patients hospitalized with SARS-CoV-2-associated pneumonia in China, Europe and the United States,” she said.

the Doctor also predicts an increase in the number of citizens with obesity, the epidemic of the coronavirus. So, in rnimu Pirogov believe that in five years, the global prevalence of obesity reaches 18% among men and will exceed 21% among women.

In turn, hemostasiology Victor Sturov believes that the health system worldwide must be prepared for the possible increase in the incidence of diabetes.

in Total, in Russia 641 thousand identified 156 cases of coronavirus.

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