Doctors have listed the foods that trigger the development of cancer

Published a list of products that provoke the emergence of cancer cells. The list is made up of researchers from Belgium, writes Cursorinfo with reference to the portal “Medicine 2.0”.

Experts attributed dangerous food to 4 types. The first is any food that contains sugar in large quantities. Scientists explain: sugar contributes to the spread of metastases throughout the body by reason of the dissolution of glucose. Excessive use of such products is fraught with rectal cancer, bladder and breast. The second type of hazardous products include sausages — they lead to the development colorectal cancer.

Also it is better to abstain from food with high fat content, as it stimulates division of stem cells in the intestinal tissues is a third type of precipitating cancer products. Finally, the fourth type is a processed food: pastries, any foods, which contain high amount of salt, fat and sugar, but no vitamins.

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