Doctors operate on a man who was in Moscow for the shooting at passers-by

during the visit, the men opened fire from the window of an apartment on the South-West of Moscow, investigators found alcohol and prescription agent used for activation of metabolism in the nerve cells. About it reported in a press-service GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow.

According to the source Agency in law enforcement, the shooter has not yet been questioned because he is in the hospital. Currently, the man being operated on.

Noted that the man in the time of the shooting could be in inadequate condition. Neighbors of the shooter said that he recently divorced his wife.

the Incident occurred in the evening on Sunday, June 7, in the house on the street Builders. The shooting injured two passers-by. The bully at detention he opened fire on special forces. Officer was wounded SWAT.

In fact the incident a criminal case under three articles — part 3 of article 30, article 105 of the RF criminal code (attempted murder), senior 317 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“the Encroachment on life of employee of law enforcement body”) and item 213 of the criminal code (“Hooliganism”).

TASS reports that the police have established the identity of the detainee is Pavlov 1969.

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