Doctors revived the driver, the victim in an accident with the actor Ephraim: he's in critical condition

Doctors were able to revive the man, injured in an accident, arranged by actor Mikhail Efremov.

according to “MK” referring to the Mash, in the collision injured the driver of the cargo van. Arrived at the scene of the accident, the doctors conducted resuscitation right in the ambulance. After they managed to stabilize the victim, he was taken to Sri behalf of the Sklifosovsky.

it is Noted that the 40-year-old driver is estimated as very heavy.

Recall now the actor Mikhail Efremov will arrange a serious accident: on Smolensk square car under his control crossed the solid and rammed a cargo van, moving in the opposite lane. All, as noted by the media, in the accident suffered multiple machines.

Yefremov had visible signs of intoxication — according to witnesses, he could barely stand on his feet. The police detained the artist and sent for a medical examination.

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