Doctors told how easy it is to reduce cholesterol

There are simple ways to reduce cholesterol. For this purpose it is desirable to maintain a minimum of seven rules, according to doctors who quotes Change.

First — there’s oatmeal and whole oats or coarse cereals, because this product contains fiber, which in turn effectively reduces the level of cholesterol, a dangerous buildup on the walls of blood vessels. In the diet should also include any nuts — they provide the body with fatty acids that protect the blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, experts say.

They also suggest to walk more — at least 30 minutes a day, thereby increasing the body’s ability to cleanse the blood fat after a meal. It is also important to drink plain water to cleanse the body of bad cholesterol, and sleep — the metabolic processes affecting the concentration of cholesterol, occur at night, reminiscent of scientists.

Experts recommend to give up coffee, which is also able to increase the level of cholesterol and of the habit of eating outside the home — prepared meals in most cases is full of saturated fat, calories and sodium.

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