Doctors told that it is impossible to eat at night

Many products are better not to eat at night to not disturb sleep. According to doctors quoted by Cursorinfo, you must give up all foods containing sugar because they stimulate the body process of adiposis has, and all simple carbohydrates, not used before bedtime, will be in fat stores.

is Not necessary before bedtime to ease up on meat products like pork, beef, lamb, as all the protein will load the digestive system for 5-6 hours of active work. Harmful at night and hard cheeses due to high fat percentage — they can provide increased load on the liver. And contained in cheese tyramine is a vasoconstrictor, raises blood pressure, stimulates the nervous system.

you Should also give up alcohol before bedtime — it gives an imaginary feeling of relaxation and sleepiness, but in fact perevozbuzhdenie nervous system.

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