Doctors with the coronavirus from the hospital of Barnaul showed a meager Breakfast for herself and the patients

Infected with coronavirus physicians of the city hospital № 1 of Barnaul showed on video products, they brought the day before for Breakfast.

the Author of the post stated, as shown in the video polystyle of semolina, cheese, butter and dry welding is designed to supply all those in the Department of physicians and patients, except in intensive care. According to the woman, the utensils and appliances they have. “Yesterday we had dinner at 10 PM, we with the battle just knocked out,” added the doctor, who shot the video.

At the same time, the press service of the Ministry of health of the Altai territory edition of “Rise” reported that “shortage of food in the hospital”. “According to the chief physician of hospital, the complexity of the food associated with the conversion of the hospital in cavigny hospital and transfer of patients and medical staff from the offices in the Department,” the Ministry said, adding that now the issues of the power is resolved, and “developed a balanced menu.”

Interestingly, the hospital pereprofilirovanie a hospital on may 19, and the video was filmed on may 24.

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