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Another passenger of Aeroflot complained about the conditions of air transportation of animals. As informs a portal “Город32” her Dachshund Mila received a serious eye injury after a air travel. As told by the owner of the animal Irina Pavlova, the other day she flew from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad, taking with him a pet. “The Aeroflot Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski — Moscow, — said the woman. A dog trained to fly, fly with me twice a year. Weight pass only in the Luggage compartment. Before that everything was fine, except for the stress from the flight, which quickly took on the spot.” According to Pavlova, in the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with a dog treated with care. But already in Moscow “Sheremetyevo” she got the cell with the broken door and the frightened animal with a broken eye. “Mila did not even recognized me. Until got to the station Salarievo where the car was parked, my eyes swelled up, got infected and completely covered with thorn. The dog stopped to see, was very scared,” — says Pavlov. She said that on the way to Bryansk contacted a private veterinary clinic, who agreed late to wait extra patient. The diagnosis was injury to the third century. This was confirmed in the clinic in Bryansk interregional veterinary laboratory. The hostess Dachshund noted that, according to doctors, the nature of the injury indicates a severe blow. “Probably when unloading the dog flew upside down and hurt my eye on the cage or, if the door fell out about something else,” — said the interviewee. She added that the animal is being treated, a dog’s health is still a long time to recover. A resident of Bryansk sent a complaint to Aeroflot — now it is pending. We will remind, recently there was a similar case. During the flight from Moscow to Simferopol have been pavridine carrying a dog. As told by the owner of the animal, the entire carrier was in the blood and dirt, and the animal was damaged muzzle. The dog’s owner wrote a statement to the police and made a complaint to the carrier.

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