The Network collected signatures for a petition, which the authors call the airline “Aeroflot” to organize export flight to the Russians and their Pets. Earlier, another scandal broke out around the largest Russian air carrier. On July 4, the company refused to allow to export a Chinese flight from Shanghai Russians with Pets. As reported by the media, according to passengers, the airline first assured that the animals on Board empty, but at the airport it turned out that it is not. It was also reported that the flight did not take animals that the volunteers took from the festival of eating dogs. “People, dogs are not to blame and they need to be rescued!” — the authors note. Meanwhile, the head of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Vladimir burmatov appealed to the General Director of airline Vitaly Savelyev to evacuate from China owned by Russian passengers of domestic animals, which the airline refused carriage, reports TASS. In addition, another request MP sent “to the Prosecutor with a request to check the legality of the refusal to export”. Later official comment was made by the airline itself. As stated by the official representative of “Aeroflot” Mikhail Demin, the carrier refused to accept several dozen of the animals for export on a flight from Shanghai to Moscow, seeing in such mass transportation signs of smuggling. Demin said that the flight had 39 passengers come from cells, which contained 71 animal. “The attempt to make the flight with such a load contrary to the accepted norms and rules and would inevitably lead to their mass destruction,” he explained, adding that the company conducted its own investigation of the incident. According to Demin, “too obvious” was the attempt to organize a mass cross-border transportation of animals, with the involvement as carriers of third parties, passengers export flight. Transportation, besides the fact that could threaten the life of animals, the health of the passengers had evidence of smuggling.
“Besides, she could not be implemented due to technical reasons”, — said Demin.

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