It was known to be faithful and tormented with Camille Claudel, mischievous and refined with Marie de Régnier, combative behind Clara Malraux, secret as Berthe Morisot, enigmatic as the Gala beloved of Dalí. Dominique Bona has long advanced hidden. Finally, it shows his “I”, the time to a book of memories. The novel true to a biographer, we may say, as the youngest of the French Academy was designed as a walk inside of itself and of the conspiracies that were thrust towards his subjects. A stroll subjective to shed light on this mysterious fatality, if own writing, a book of chances, but necessary to hear: “I wanted to make the point, clarify the reasons that had made me wrap all these lives that were not mine. What need was guiding my pen? Why hadn’t I dug out my groove novelist? Why did I even want to write novels?” Least a balance sheet, so that a work …

I log

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