Domogarov explained his words in support of Ephraim: People, stop

people’s artist of Russia Alexander Domogarov explained his post Yefremov, commenting that it was “not about the tragedy of the artist”.

Star “Gangster Petersburg” admitted that he had sent a message to the people who arranged the persecution of Ephraim who “saved their venom of envy and all that they are not available”.

Domogarov recalled that Ephraim was called the ghoul, scum, alkana thing. He assured that the actor will be punished for “drunk” of the accident and the death of the man, but called to cease and desist from insults to Ephraim.

“my Aunt, who writes from the Altai and requires execution, return is terrible. Believe me,” wrote Domogarov in its Instagram.

Earlier Domogarov struck with an emotional criticism of viewers who condemn Michael Ephraim, and said that he had no desire to meet them on the stage.

the accident occurred on the evening of 8 June on the Garden ring near Smolenskaya square. Efremov behind the wheel of his jeep crashed into the opposite lane in the van delivery service, the driver of which died in hospital from his injuries. It turned out that in the time of the accident Efremov was very drunk.

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