If some still doubted, they have the confirmation: the literature is not the primary concern of Donald Trump. On Wednesday, during a press conference in the presence of his government, the us president has referred to one of his meetings with the indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, in the course of which the latter seems to be somewhat nervous. “I get along very well with India and Prime minister Modi”, begins by recalling the head of the american State. “But [at this meeting], he told me constantly that he had built a library in Afghanistan,” he continued.

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The least we can say is that this achievement has not had time to impress the president of the United States: “Ok, but a library, that is what it is? This must represent five hours of work compared to what we have done there”, he says with the force of the gesture. “One is supposed to reply: “Oh thank you for the library,” says Donald Trump. But I do not even know who is in Afghanistan!”.

Afghanistan: Trump says on a library provided by Modi – Watch on Figaro Live

In Afghanistan, 10 to 14 million people know how to read

Except that if Afghanistan remains one of the poorest countries and unstable in the world, the adult literacy rate is reached in spite of all the same, according to several sources, 30% to 40%, which is low but not negligible. This represents 10 to 14 million people (about 36 million) that is potentially interested in attending a site dedicated to the reading and we can only hope that this number will increase in the future. It therefore seems very likely that the construction, by the neighbouring indian, a library in a landlocked country in Central Asia has made them happy in the local population, no offense to Donald Trump.

As for the complaint of Donald Trump, according to which Narendra Modi would have spent very little time and money to Afghanistan compared to the United States (which entered the war against the taliban in 2001), it was rejected by the indian government. In a statement, it recalled that India, “the largest donor in the region,” played “a significant role as a partner for the development” of Afghanistan.

“Trump should know that while he disagrees with all the other helpers [in Afghanistan], India has not only built libraries, but also roads, dams, schools”, for its part, has protested on Twitter, Ram Madhav, the general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the nationalist party to power.

The sub-continent has provided three billion dollars to Afghanistan since the fall of the taliban at the beginning of the conflict. The country also plans to rebuild a school are deemed to the capital, Kabul. But all of it, not intéressea, without a doubt, Donald Trump.