Utah is the right place to go if you are looking for adventure in the great outdoors. It has trails and valleys that are perfect for hiking. When driving around, you will be in awe of the scenic views and grasslands. If you are up for a fulfilling mission, you can also help out for a cause in Utah, by donating your car.

How to donate a car in Utah?

If you search online for car donation Utah, you will see various nonprofit organizations with different advocacies. These NPOs seek good Samaritans who would be willing to make a car donation in Utah to help those ailing from kidney diseases.

If you have a spare car, you can extend help to such beneficiaries as people suffering from kidney diseases by donating it. Here are three steps to make a valid car donation in Utah.

  1. Determine which organization you would like to donate your extra vehicle to. Each organization has its process for making a valid donation, but generally, the first step is to fill out a donation form. Typically, the donation form requires details like the following:
    1. Type of vehicle you are donating
    2. Your full name or your business name
    3. Phone Number
    4. Pick-up Address (City and State)
    5. Address where to mail the tax receipt
  2. Once you have submitted the donation form, somebody from the organization will contact you within 24 hours. The representative from the organization will arrange the pick-up or free towing of your donated vehicle.
  3. After your donation is accepted, the organization will issue a tax receipt in your name. You can use this receipt when you claim for tax deductions the following year.

The process of donating a car in Utah is straightforward. With these simple steps, you can save lives.

Utah’s Role in Creating a Giving Society

Psychologists have different theories on why generosity creates happiness. Professor William Harbaugh, for instance, believed that altruism exists. People give because it makes them feel good. This positive feeling is not something that they ask for in return. It is a natural outcome of their giving nature. These people care about the impact of their kindness instead of the process in which it occurs.

Though there are many charitable people in all parts of the world, when it comes to the most generous states, Utah belongs to the top ranks. In 2015, it was reported that almost 40% of the residents in the state shared their time to charities, while more than 70% gave money to charity.

These numbers and facts say a lot about the people in the state. Following Professor Harbaugh’s theory, it can be said that people in Utah may be happier than the rest of the world.

You see, one’s act of giving may not be as grand as donating millions of dollars to the needy. Then again, the value of the act should not be measured solely by the amount. Instead, more premium should be placed on the impact of such kindness on the lives of the recipients.