Donbass predicted

Republic of Donbass in the near future “will include” part of Russia. This statement was made by the former Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed DNR, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the DNI and the head of the volunteer Union of Donbass Alexander Borodai, says “Strenia”.

He said that will happen “in a relatively short time.” “The Republic will no longer a de facto part of the Russian Federation de facto they are already part of the Russian Federation”, — said Boroday.

on the Eve of ex-defense Minister of breakaway Donetsk national Republic Igor Girkin (Shooters) called Donbass “garbage” and accused the Russian government. The residents of Donbass now are worse than in Russia and Ukraine, he said. Instead of a showcase of the “Russian world” in DND and LNR formed a “cesspool,” added the Gunners in an interview. According to him, the militia left without arms and legs, receive a pension of only 3.5 thousand rubles. The money “only to sleep”. “It’s an unforgivable shame for the Russian government,” — said Strelkov.

Earlier in Berlin, the negotiations of the political advisers of the leaders of “Norman Quartet” on the status of Donbass. Deputy head of the presidential administration of Russia Dmitry Kozak said that the consultations had not led to a breakthrough because of the position of Kiev. Moscow demanded from Kiev to 6 July to provide the Donbass special status. But Ukraine, according to Kozak, are unable to give a clear answer about the timing of the development of an instrument that will allow you to make to the Constitution amendments with the aim of securing the status of Donbass. The President of Ukraine on the eve of Vladimir Zelensky said that “nobody can demand from Ukraine”.

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