behind CopyComic? The issue has roiled the world of humor since 2017 and the publication of fixtures overwhelming this youtubeur anonymous that reveal the plagiarism of famous comedians. His favorite target? Gad Elmaleh. According to a video published last January 28, the interpreter of Darling would have copied a good number of comedians whose Donel Jack sman. On the sidelines of the Marrakech du rire which he participated this weekend, the latter reacted. “I’m with CopyComic on the bottom to 1000 %. It is really necessary. It was time to denounce the thieves of the valves. There is impunity in the copyright. It’s so long and complicated to find good jokes and drop. It takes a lot of duds. Then there is nothing more disgusting than the theft”.

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“CopyComic is someone skilled in the art”

Donel Jack sman

On the other hand, Donel Jack sman, a victim of recent racist slur, does not appreciate the methods of CopyComic. “I don’t like the culture of denouncement, this side masked avenger. If it was done by a journalist or an anonymous, I would understand. But it is someone’s job, he says, while ensuring not to know who it is. I thought I heard that a lot of comedians help him or are with him.”

Donel Jack sman, who will perform on the stage of the Alhambra and at the Comédie de Paris in the fall, regret, finally, that in France, we place the red carpet to the clubs in question. “It is a French exception. In Canada, when you know that you’ve stolen, you can’t do any more interviews, you can’t go to the comedy club or participate in tv shows. It is a banishment to the american. For them, the flight is ineligible. While in France, it is an Open secret, people know, the press also but as the guys are powerful, nobody says anything,” he concludes. The Brothel Comedy Club, concert hall of Montreal, has effectively closed its doors to Gad Elmaleh.

after CopyComic, in his show Without drum in June 2014, Gad Elmaleh said to have thrown a valve Donel Jack sman heard a few months earlier in the emission of Laurent Ruquier, One does not ask only to laugh on France 2. (see the video below).