Thomas Houseago, Almost Human

Since the 2011 Venice Biennale, during which the Man in a hurry was originally posted in giant on the deck of Palazzo Grassi, Thomas Houseago is known as the white wolf of the item This British with red hair sprinkled his work of owls totems, the symbol of his hometown of Leeds. A sculptor of 47 years, since 2003, embodies the revival of the stage of Los Angeles, this new eldorado. It invades the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts in London, from the 10th of June!

The Museum of modern art of the City of Paris (XVIe), until 14 jul. 2019

Rumours & Legends

The Museum of modern art re-hung his collections and explores the theme of the narrative, a plastic expression rather than literary. Such a narrative through history and time, “Rumors & Legends” presents an art facing its current political, social and aesthetic.Exhibitions of “Mythologies daily 1 and 2” (1964 and 1977) to the emergence of the mythologies of individual (1972-2000).

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