Dozens of Petersburg residents are trying to challenge the restrictions imposed in the city due to the pandemic

the Inhabitants of St. Petersburg through the courts challenge the legality of the restrictions that Smolny introduced in the city due to the pandemic. June 4 the St. Petersburg city court will consider a lawsuit filed on behalf of 57 residents. Such information is contained in the files of the cases.

defendant in the case of projecting the government of St. Petersburg. As the stakeholders involved, the Governor Alexander Beglov, the chief state physician of the city of Natalia Bashkatova, St. Petersburg Rospotrebnadzor, EMERCOM, Ministry of internal Affairs and Regardie, as well as the Commissioner for human rights Alexander Shishlov.

the Plaintiffs believe the decision of the city authorities illegal and require them to cancel.

“currently Entered restrictive measures not based on existing legislation, represent prohibitions (including in terms of prohibitions and restrictions on the rights of the residents of St. Petersburg) not provided for by law for the declared mode of increased readiness for emergencies, limit some rights to the point of absolute prohibition, and also violate other rights of the citizens of St. Petersburg”, — said in a statement.

Activists listed the rights that, in their opinion, been violated by restrictive measures. In particular, we are talking about the right to freedom of movement and freedom of Assembly, the right to a healthy environment. Also, the plaintiffs believe that prohibiting people over 65 years of age to go outside, the local authorities violated the right to respect for private life and the equality of citizens before the law.

“Those prohibitions and restrictions that are currently imposed by the government of St. Petersburg, can only exist in the case of the introduction in the city territory of a state of emergency, which is currently not imposed, — is spoken in the statement of claim. Administrative plaintiffs believe it necessary to recognize the normative legal act invalid from the moment of its adoption”.

we will Remind, inhabitants of Petersburg have previously tried to challenge the “coronavirus afteo; measures; however, the court upheld restrictions imposed Smolny “for the benefit of citizens”.

At the same time, since June 1, the city eased some of the measures. So, the elderly are allowed to leave the house: call for isolation regime became a recommendation. In addition, you can walk the streets without masks and gloves. The use of PPE is mandatory only in shops, pharmacies, public transport. Also allowed to visit the cemetery.

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