Dr. butcher has accused the government of contempt of the citizens of the country

well-Known TV presenter and the chief doctor of a Moscow hospital Alexander Myasnikov criticized the position of Russian authorities, who have not yet decided when it will resume international traffic between Russia and other countries.

“One of the Vice premiers reported that the air service will be restored as soon as epigastrica. And exact dates are not called. I have a question: why? I do not know?” — asks the butchers.

He said he did not believe that “this important decision is not prepared and is not said with all countries”. Dr. Miasnikov recalled that from 15 July open air service in some countries in Europe.

TV Presenter is indignant that the Russian authorities have not called the date of opening of air links with other countries and declare that it “will be restored as soon as epigastrica”.

butcher added that many Russians are “in dire need of the exact date” to plan vacations, buy tickets. He called it disrespectful to the citizens refusing to take responsibility and go-ahead the duty of the phrase “epidemiological situation”, reports “MK” referring to Telegram-channel Myasnikov.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that Russia will open the international flights how to let furnished.

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