Dr. butcher has listed the cases when a person may lose the sense of smell

the chief Doctor of a Moscow hospital and a famous TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov said that loss of smell is not a specific symptom of infection COVID-19.

He spoke about the number of cases in which people lose their sense of smell. However, as noted by the physician, many are not aware that they have a reduced sense of smell.

Dr. Miasnikov recalled that the loss of smell happens to a person with edema of the nasopharynx, polyps, trauma to the head. In addition, he said, with age, the loss of smell is enhanced. “It may occur while the deviated septum, inflammation, diabetes, lose vnutricerepnogo nerve,” said the butchers in the program “About the main thing”.

he Also warned that losing the sense of smell can be due to certain medications, for example, to treat convulsive disorders.

Earlier, the doctor stated that for a strong immune system needs regular exercise and proper nutrition. Butchers also warned about new surprises coronavirus, drawing attention to the fact that COVID-19 is transmitted to healthy people.

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