Dr. butcher said, what the national habits affect longevity

Some of the food habits of people from different countries have a negative impact on life expectancy. The opinion was expressed by the chief doctor of a Moscow hospital and a famous TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov.

He cited the example of the British and their Breakfast consisting of bacon, sausages, beans and bread with butter. Thus Miasnikov recalled that “the British obesity ahead of the rest”. “Where’s the fat people? America, Australia, Europe,” — said Myasnikov in the program “About the main thing”.

the Chinese, he said, eat everything they grow. “They are soaked in water, squeeze out there the vinegar and eat. Insects are still okay, it’s not the worst. In Sichuan pepper make baby candy,” said the doctor, a butcher, adding that many people there suffer from lung cancer and diabetes.

Speaking of the Japanese, who are traditionally considered to be centenarians, a Moscow doctor told me that they often found stomach cancer. “It is caused genetically. Look at our Caucasus. There is peace people live for a hundred years. Fatty foods, cheese, meat. Innate immunity is partly due to our microbiome,” explained the doctor.

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