Dr. butcher told why modern people are dumb

Modern standard of living allows more people to not be smart. The opinion was expressed by the famous TV presenter and the chief doctor of a Moscow hospital Alexander Myasnikov.

In his opinion, people are stupid, because we don’t get information independently, so stupid.

the Physician recalled that the earlier people to understanding a lot of things need to read books, philosophical works, to understand the terminology. “And now you can drive the question into a search engine and there’s someone strange, obviously not Shakespeare, writes to you,” said the butchers in the program “About the main thing”.

the Presenter explained that the easiest way of getting information on the Internet has taught people to read books, use your brain and think. “You lose your autonomy and become increasingly stupid,” concluded the doctor of butchers.

Earlier, a doctor called rasprostranennye disease, which can lead to vision loss.

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