The New Orleans-shot of blues. Dr. John, who has rocked the scenes american festivals and international jazz to the airwaves voodoo of the “Big Easy” died Thursday, announced his family. The legendary pianist and blues has died of a heart attack at the age of 77 years, according to a message posted on his Twitter account.

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Malcolm John McRebennack to civil status, Dr. John has expressed his talent in multiple musical genres, from blues to pop, from jazz to boogie-woogie and rock-and-roll. Picaresque character with a hoarse voice, very typical of this remarkable pianist has opened the music of the city, the lighthouse of Louisiana to the psychedelic rock in the sixties, and funk in the seventies.

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With his funk-rock voodoo, it has become one of the major musicians of New Orleans, in the footsteps of other masters of the keyboard, such as Fats Domino passed away, also, there are soon two years.

Awarded several Grammy Awards, Dr. John, who mixed the English to creole patois, has performed in major festivals of jazz, international. Among his best-known songs, Right, Wrong Time and Such a Night , both from this album, In The Right Place ( 1973), or Iko Iko , disk, Dr. John’s Gumbo released a year earlier. In 2009, the musician has signed a piece of the band-orignale of the Princess and The Frog with a title very personal: Down in New-Orleans .

On social networks, many of them paying tribute to the artist to “the divine voice”, as underlined by Pierre Lescure, or the “Jazz genius, pianist extraordinaire” for others.

Dr. John has also suffered as a result of addiction to narcotic drugs, which earned him a sentence of imprisonment. His music, very original, he has served as an act of redemption.