Dr. Miasnikov urged to prepare for new

Renowned doctor and broadcaster, and head of the information center to monitor the situation with coronavirus Alexander Myasnikov made the interim findings of the COVID-19 and fight with him.

In his Telegram the head physician of the Moscow hospital named 14 the main facts about the disease and warned that it must prepare for new “surprises” of the disease, reports REN TV.

In particular, the butchers were reminded that the coronavirus is very infected, so how is healthy people, it is “unpredictable and capricious”.

the Only effective measure for the prevention of coronavirus Dr. Myasnikov called distancing and self-isolation. While mask mode, he believes neurotological measure of effectiveness is unclear.

Earlier, the doctor said that the coronavirus is similar to blood-sucking insects that drank human blood. Also, in his opinion, the panic about the pandemic wound, “who is going to die, he will die.”

Just today in Russia revealed 449 834 thousand cases of coronavirus in 85 regions.

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